For thousands and thousands of years, Aboriginal people have lived with Country. Our family continues to live on the Barkly Tablelands in the Northern Territory and we have learned the value of what Country gives.

Live, learn, and love,

Start a relationship with this Country.
Come on a journey with CARBON SCRUB to live, learn and love our Country.

Founded in 2016 CARBON SCRUB is the Aboriginal owned company of Ryhia & Aaron. Ryhia is a young Aboriginal woman from Borroloola, a remote community in the Northern Territory.

‘Growing up out bush you learn the importance of Country and what it has to offer, from food to medicine, and even skincare.’

Using knowledge gained as a child, Ryhia and her Sister created our original product while looking for a solution to a skin irritation suffered by a family member.

The irritation is one many people suffer, small red pimple like bumps on the back of the arms.

Trying many different but readily available skin care products with no success, the sisters turned back to culture, back to traditional skin care methods. They remembered that on Country, charcoal had always been used in different ways for general health and wellbeing. They remembered playing with charcoal after the fires and they remembered the stories about all the ways charcoal helped our family to live well on Country. They decided to make something themselves.

The mixing started and eventually, they arrived at a simple blend of ingredients with a base of activated charcoal and soon found that the product was working…
After only three days of use, the irritation that had been there for years was gone! The sisters were shocked and couldn't believe something so simple could be so effective.

We want to share this product with people who care about the important things.
We are proud to bring you CARBON SCRUB and our 100% Natural, Vegan-friendly products that will give you skin feeling flawless & smooth! Skin to live, learn and love in.

Only tested on humans!



Little River Borroloola NT carbon scrub

Little River, NT